Useful properties of black caviar:

  • Improves brain function, memory and vision
  • Boosts immunity
  • Strengthens the nervous system, bones and joints
  • Promotes skin tissue regeneration, wound healing
  • Helps with the thyroid gland
  • Increases the reproductive functions of men and women
  • Slows down aging

Regular consumption of black caviar will give you not only a feast of taste and mood, but will significantly improve your health and appearance.

How to store caviar?

The best option would be to buy black caviar just before the celebration, so as not to store it at all. Since the correct temperature regime for storing black caviar is -2 … -4˚С, and household refrigerators do not maintain this temperature in a constant mode. But if it already happened that the caviar was bought in advance, then put it in the coldest place in the refrigerator – on the upper shelf, moving it as far as possible to the back wall.

An open can of caviar should be eaten within a maximum of 3 days. Although, we know that this is unrealistic, because delicious real black caviar is eaten within 3 minutes :)

Freezing caviar in the freezer is prohibited. When defrosting, you will not get an exquisite delicacy, but a viscous black mass with an absolutely incomprehensible taste and smell. The product will be irreparably damaged.

How to serve black caviar?

Any delicacy has its own delicate taste and aroma. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use combinations of stronger products with a pronounced taste and smell.

Gourmets and connoisseurs know that black caviar is a solo product. This means that you will be able to enjoy the delicate taste and aroma as correctly and accurately as possible only by consuming pure caviar with a spoon.

Sometimes you can find caviar serving on ice. This is a European way of serving, dictated by historical factors. Previously, Russian caviar was transported to Europe, and the journey could take several weeks. To mask the not very pleasant fishy smell of such caviar, European nobles preferred to spread it on ice slides so that the caviar would cool as much as possible, and the taste and smell would be “minimized”.

If we are talking about fresh and high-quality black caviar, you do not need ice, lemon, baguette, or anything else. Place the caviar in beautiful crystal bowls / caviar and serve with small portioned spoons.

If you are used to a more idle consumption of caviar, and you like the baguette (or cracker) + butter + caviar tandem, you can try this combination in the case of black caviar. But remember – red caviar has a much more pronounced taste and smell, it is saltier and coarser, therefore, red caviar has a more advantageous position on a baguette or pancakes. In the case of black (tender and creamy) caviar, you need to be very careful not to get the taste of a baguette with a subtle fishy aftertaste.

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